Hiking in the Pryors

There are great places to hike in the Pryors. Unfortunately people who do not already know the Pryors well have a hard time learning where to go. We hope to help solve that problem with the hikes we recommend below. Note that some of these are excellent early spring and late fall hikes.

Hiking Boots <i>by Rosella Mosteller</i> http://www.mostellerphotos.comAt present neither Custer National Forest (with most of the public land in the Pryors) nor the Bureau of Land Management provide information on hikes in the Pryors. Furthermore there are no signed trailheads or marked trails. The Pryors Coalition’s detailed hike guides below help correct that deficiency with both driving and hiking directions, maps, and photos. We think anyone with a highway vehicle and walking shoes should have an opportunity to enjoy the Pryors.

We hope that the land management agencies will designate, sign and provide public information about hiking opportunities in the Pryors. Custer National Forest currently provides both maps and route signs for 124 miles of motorized ATV and 4WD routes in the Pryors. They should provide a similar service for hikers.

Hiking in the Pryors. (Photo by Dick Walton) Hiking in the Pryors. (Photo by Dick Walton)

Try these hikes:

Roberts Bench Hike

Cave Ridge Hike

Crater Ice Cave / Big Pryor Mountain Trail

Upper Layout Creek Trail

Bear Canyon Hike

Hikers’ Haven Area: 3 Trails

Rocky Juniper Trail

Big Sky Trail

Doug Fir Trail

Crooked Creek Access Trail

Lost Water Canyon Rim Hike

After your hike – Celebrate at:

The Garage Steakhouse and Buckeye Bar in Bridger.»

The Edgar Bar and Grill»

These are not a paid ads, and are not posted at the request of the Edgar Bar and Grill or Garage Steakhouse / Buckeye Bar. We want to support local business near treasured wildlands.

Other Montana Hikes

Look for hikes in many other parts of Montana on the MWA On-Line Hiking Guide.

The Garage Steakhouse and Buckeye Bar are at the corner of N. Main St. and East Park Ave, just south of the Cenex gas station in Bridger. They are the same place with two different entrances. The Garage door is only open evenings and Sundays, but the same food is available in either door.
They have everything from great ice cream and milkshakes to dinner.

The Edgar Bar and Grill
12.5 miles north of Bridger, or 4.0 miles south of Rockvale, and 1/2 mile east from the highway.
Excellent steaks and more.
Open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM (except closes at 8:30 PM on Sunday)
Phone (406) 962-3091