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Pryors Coalition Mission:

To conserve, restore and respect the natural and cultural assets of this spectacular landscape, and to pass the Pryors on, undamaged, as a legacy for future generations.


To provide public opportunities for scientific research, educational activities and diverse recreation in the Pryor Mountains within the limits landscape can sustain without damage to natural and cultural assets.

We encourage you to add your name to this list by contacting us. Please indicate how you would like your name listed.

Jose Acosta — conservationist, Maryland volunteer park ranger and MWA member

Sandra Ainsworth — Environmental Engineer

Jerry Anderberg— owner Jerry Anderberg and Associates, Inc. Nursery, Gardens, and Landscaping-and an active hiker in the Pryor Mts. for over 20 years

Dale Anderson — a retired teacher, a hiker, fisherman, and a curious guy

Torrey and Sarah Anderson – Montana Hikers and Photographers

Brad L. Arndorfer — Arndorfer Law Firm, P.C., Sportsman, horseman, experienced Pryors most of life.

James Bailey— College Student

Grant Barnard— Outward Bound Instructor, Ski Instructor, Retired teacher, Native Montanan

Dyani Bingham— director, Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance

Scott Brown— Retailer

Rosanna Buehl— Consultant, teacher, and school psychologist

Winnie Cerda— wife, mother and grandmother

Cara Chamberlain — hiker, writer

Craig Christopherson–Backcountry enthusiast, photographer, environmentalist.

Will Crain–Stone Carver/Artist, Birder/outdoorsman, Grand Parent, Political Activist

Cal Cumin— Land Planning Consultant

Nancy T. Curriden — Custer National Forest Supervisor, U.S. Forest Service, retired.

Ken Decker and Sandy Stimson— Musicians and lovers of Montana!

Robert K. Denton Jr. — Professional Geologist, Vertebrate Paleontologist and Caver.

Charlie Donnes— Montana native, retired Honda motorcycle/ATV dealer(35 years), retired to Luther ranch homesteaded by grandparents

Margaret H. (Meghan) Dorsett, AICP — Land use planning consultant and transplanted Montanan, who grew up exploring the Pryors with grandmother since the 1960s

Henry Dykema— PV installer/Designer, BS, MS Wildlife Biology, Biology professor

Mark Edwards— personal historian, videographer and ski instructor, Red Lodge MT

John & Sahnte Evans— Former USFS seasonal wilderness ranger and former USFS seasonal wilderness

Doug Ferrel— homebuilder and conservationist

Mary Fitzpatrick— mental health counselor, hiker, Billings

Dick Forehand— Nature Photographer

Stephen Gies— preservationist, mountain biker, hiker, and photographer

Terry Glase— Back country hiker and photographer

Dennis Glick — Conservationist

Randall Gloege — retired prof. of English and Philosophy, and ardent advocate of wilderness

Elias Goes Ahead— Crow Historian

Ed Gulick— architect-in-training, bicyclist

Harvey Halpern— long time backpacker and environmentalist (as well as carpenter)

Bev Hancock— Physical therapist

Carlin Hantz — College student, conservationist, hiker, and Eastern Wildlands chapter member of MWA

Rita Harding— Nurse consultant

Jay Harris— Staff Attorney for the Crow Tribal Legislature, Crow Tribal member, founder of Apsaalooke Citizen’s Leadership Network, former US Forest Service and BLM employee

Kelly Haverlandt

Dan Heinz— Sportsman, Conservationist

Alan Hilden— Photographer and Psychologist, Billings

Don Holman— President, Back Country Horsemen of the Flathead

Tim Horan— One who cares about the planet and it’s denizens

Jeffrey A Hunnes— attorney, Guthals, Hunnes & Reuss, P.C.

Felicia Hutchison— Montana resident

Radd Icenoggle

Larry and Kelly Jansen— Viroqua, Wisconsin

Brad Johnson

Julia Johnson— editor in chief of Johnson’s Billings News

Ginger Kathrens— Executive Director, The Cloud Foundation, Inc., Filmmaker and Author

Marvin Kauffman— PhD, Geology, Princeton; Professor Emeritus, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Dave Klarich— Biology and Mathematics Teacher

Elizabeth Klarich— Yoga with Elizabeth

Bob Landis — Wildlife Videographer

Connie M. Landis— Professor, Montana State University – Billings

Karole Lee— a person who loves the wilds of Montana

Jason A. Lillegraven, Ph. D.— Retired Professor (University of Wyoming) & professional geologist, Laramie, WY

Mrs. Linda Lillegraven— Landscape artist

Dean Littlepage— Writer; former youth leader and outdoor recreation planner

Tim Lohrenz— Outdoor Educator, Pryor Mountains Landowner, Owner: White Buffalo Lodges/Montana Tipi Experience

Jennifer Lyman— Professor of Botany and Environmental Science, Billings, MT

Robert Mackin— contractor, naturalist

Beth Madden — bird biologist, prairie conservationist, public lands user

Shane McCarten –Life-long Pryor Mountain hiker and archaeology student, Bridger, Montana

Clayton McCracken, MD— MPH retired

Letha McDowell— avid backpacker, Master Gardner, and conservationist

Joan McKeown

Randy & Kristian Mesce — Survivalists, Montana Native

Kim Michels — College student: Mass Communication and Creative Writing, Member of the Equine Photographers Network

Mat Millenbach — former Montana state director, BLM

George Moncure — Retired brewer, hydrogeochemist, hiker

Tara Morrison— Hiker, wildlife center volunteer, mom whose kids love the Pryors

Scott A. Moseman— “Be considerate and tread lightly.”

David Myers— Retired surgeon, Billings

Susan W. Newell— Exploring the Pryors since 1972; US Forest Service, retired

Ron Nusbaum— Federal Aviation Administration, retired

Kayhan Ostovar— Fish and wildlife biologist with experience in the Pryors

Eva Patten— Retired, Conservationist

Mike Penfold— Public Land Manager, retired, hunter

Larry Powers — Hiker, Fisherman

Paula Priest— a lover of the Pryors

Bernie Quetchenbach –Montana State University Billings, Yellowstone Writers’ Collective

Dr. Andy and Angie Randak

Kim Redding— office manager and buyer for Valley Distributing of Montana Inc.

David Rockwell— natural resource consultant

Teddy Roe— Former Journalist / Staff, United States Senate, Retired

Bernard Rose— Economic Consultant

Wayne Schimpff–Global teen environmental education empowerment specialist that knows the Pryors and all publicly owned lands must be maintained for all to be experienced in the least consumptive way possible.

Ruth Sheller— 86 year old hiker in the Pryors

John Simmons— Retired Absarokee Blacksmith, Back Country Traveler, Hunter

Patrick Smith— Back country hiker, mountain biker, photographer

Gary Splittberger – Pryor Mountains hiker

Patti Steinmuller— hiker, bicyclist, educator

Ron Tabaczka

Mark Taylor— Educational Psychologist

Raymond Wachtman

Golde Wallingford–Clayton Idaho

Dick Walton— Professor of Physics, retired; Wanderer of the Pryors for over 50 years

Margaret Webster— Retired Law Librarian & Hiker

Sue Weinreis— financial aid administrator, MSU – Billings

Jill Welch and Thaddeus Paul — Wyoming native campers and hikers

Anna Williams— a Montana mother

Brad Wood— “Leave no trace” hiker and backpacker (Billings)

George Wuerthner— ecologist, photographer, and author of 34 books including Thrillcraft: the environmental consequences of motorized recreation

Affiliations are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement of the vision by the organization.