The Pryors Coalition

We are a group of local folks working to pass on the natural beauty and quiet of the Pryor Mountains for people to enjoy today and tomorrow.

The Pryors Coalition is made up of a diverse collection of ordinary folk – young and old,  families, teachers, business owners, medical professionals, construction workers, students, scientists, and others.   We cherish the peaceful and quiet beauty of the Pryors, and value its unique natural and cultural history.  We enjoy the Pryors in many ways, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking, camping, and more.  Many of us own and enjoy four-wheel drive vehicles, and support responsible motorized use on public land.

Pryors Coalition's Mission Pryors Coalition's Mission

The Pryor Mountains, a small and vulnerable area, are a treasure for people in surrounding communities including Billings – a place where people can escape from the noisy rush of daily city life, to the quiet hush of the natural landscape.  The Pryors provide a diversity of recreational opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the people of Montana and Wyoming.  It can be a great economic asset to the area, attracting both tourists and job seekers.

We want to leave the Pryors undamaged as a legacy for those who follow us. To do so we must care for the land and protect the natural resources first — then we must manage both motorized and non-motorized recreation within limits the land can tolerate, and in a way that minimizes conflict among differing activities.  Everyone has the right to enjoy these public lands, but no one has the right to abuse the landscape or damage the experience of others.

The mission of the Pryors Coalition is:

•  To conserve the natural and cultural resources of this spectacular landscape.

•  To provide recreational opportunities in the Pryor Mountains for our diverse and growing population.

•  To pass the Pryors on, undamaged, as a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

If you support our goals we would like to add your name to the list of our public supporters.  Please contact us to add your name.  Tell us how you would like to be identified on our Individual Supporters page.

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