The diversity of species and plant communities in the Pryors is treasured by amateur and professional botanists, teachers, researchers and students. The spring and summer wildflowers are a delight to photographers and other visitors to the Pryors.

All visitors should make efforts to prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds and other non-native plants which threaten the native plant diversity of this special landscape. (Link to weed page)

Explore the botanical diversity of the Pryors on the following pages:

NEW in 2015 – Botanical Guide to Nine Special Places in the Pryors
by Simone Durney, Kelsey Flathers and Jennifer Lyman

Nine diverse plant communities including the southern desert, a riparian area, and the sub-alpine top of the Pryors are described. Plant lists and directions for getting to each community are included.

The Pryor Mountains – A Botanical Hot Spot
by Botanist Peter Lesica

Why do the Pryors have such great botanical diversity and so many rare and endemic plant species? Why is this important?

South Pryors Important Plant Area (IPA)
A description of the Important Plant Area including a list of the species of concern with some nice photos.

Wildflower Photo Gallery.
Contributions of new photos for this gallery are welcome. Send photo to Contact Us.. Include description of location of photo and ID if you can.

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