Help Preserve the Pryors

Much of this website is about the many valuable features of the Pryor Mountains that should be preserved for the future. See a summary – with links to more info – at: “Why are the Pryors Special?”

You can help assure the future of the Pryors as a wild and natural landscape.

Custer Gallatin National Forest (CGNF) has been working on revisions to the Forest Management Plan which includes much of the Pryor Mountains. A Draft is expected sometime this fall (2018). This Plan will replace the 1986 Management Plan, and will control management of the Pryors for decades into the future.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will release a Draft Travel Management Plan for their part of the Pryors sometime this fall (2018). This Plan will designate routes available for both motorized and motor-free access to the Pryors.

Both managing agencies will have public comment periods and probably public meetings.

You can help by sending comments to CGNF and BLM, and by attending public meetings.

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What do you want for the future Pryors?

In your email to us please include your name and where you live (city/town and state). We would also like to hear how the Pryors are important to you.

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This is a “two-way street.” Please send us your suggestions for our efforts to preserve the Pryors. Any comments or questions are welcome.


The Pryors Coalition

Big Pryor and East Pryor Mountains. Google Earth view. Big Pryor and East Pryor Mountains. Google Earth view.